Cloud Services

Cloud Computing has had a growing impact on Businesses of all sizes and all types. With the cost of cloud based applications dropping and the technology evolving, cloud based services could be the way forward for your business.

With ever-increasing environmental costs of hosting your own servers causing concern it is difficult to overlook the benefits that using a cloud based system could provide.

Here at FDS we can deliver fast, responsive and feature rich services to suit every business need from anywhere in the world.

Secure Cloud Backup & DR

  • Multiple Mirrored UK Data Centers provide a fast, secure reliable plaform for your data.
  • High levels of security using the Latest SSL and AES Encryption Technology.
  • Constant Data Protection, Automatic up-to-the minute backup scheduling.
  • Intelligent data selection & Data De-Duplication
  • Ease of recovering data. Recover your data at anytime convenient to you. Whether you’re in the office or working from a remote location – using a local area network or the internet to recover your data.

Cloud Hosted Solutions

Pro-Active Maintenance & Monitoring Delivers constant, real-time analysis of your system performance and constantly adapts to keep your systems in peak condition without affecting users productivity. Our system monitors and actively maintains all aspects of your computer system from anti virus through to performance affecting issues such as fragmented disks, temporary file cleanup and windows updates to name but a few.

Email Security & Anti-Spam Protection Delivers a maintenance-free cloud solution that continuously updates protection to stop spam, malware, spear-phishing, and advanced targeted attacks before they reach your network.

Anti-Virus & Web Filtering Delivers a fully managed product to your computer systems. This allows you to not only protect your systems from malicious threats but also allows internet browser protection and user history logging.


As applications become ever more powerful and pressure on memory space increased, your business may sometimes need access to resources beyond the scope of a standard environment.

We offer Fully Managed Solutions that can be scaled to suit any need without breaking the bank.