IT & Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure in modern business is quite often used as an encompassing umbrella for multiple area's within the data network. It is often misunderstood in its role and its importance to the business and it isn't until it starts becoming unreliable or unavailable that its importance really starts to get noticed.

Here at FDS - we understand the importance of having a complete and fully functioning network that can support your business data needs. We can cover all area's of your businesses data requirements and upgrade or build your network as demand for performance and reliability expands.

Hardware Solutions

Finding the exact solution's for your business can be a minefield when it comes to sourcing the right hardware.

From desktop specification to server hardware, laptops and tablets, we can custom build a complete solution from ground up or work with existing hardware to upgrade and future proof your crucial data systems.

Network Solutions

Building and maintaining a stable and healthy network is key to all business success. Quite often the network is overlooked or inadequate for the requirements set upon it.

Our team of specialist engineers can design and build your network to your exact data needs and maintain the health and performance to keep your data moving forward.

Software Solutions

Many businesses under estimate the power of the software that runs on their systems.

Choosing the correct software and maintaining the effective use


CCTV Systems can often be a business pain point. Whether it is used for property surveillance or office security we can design & build a comprehensive CCTV system to cover all requirements.

Using hardware from industry leaders, you can be sure to obtain the highest quality, performance and reliability will be maintained throughout the life of the system.

Pro-Active Support

At FDS we take a pro-active approach to technical support and maintenance. Where other support vendors offer a re-active service, FDS have taken to the power of the cloud and created a fully pro-active support package for your business.

We have developed our custom monitoring and maintenance system which keeps control of all aspects of your system. This allows us to perform regular and important maintenance on your equipment to keep it running in the same way as it was the day it was installed.

Our system also gives you the ability to login to a status portal and keep track of the maintenance that is taking place on your system and also allows the delivery of performance reports direct to your inbox on a monthly basis so you can keep track of everything.

Patch management - windows updates can be a bain of any IT Administrators life. Our software can take away all of the work for you and provide a hassle free maintained update service for your business.

Anti-virus - Our software can monitor 99% of anti-virus products installed on machines. This can be linked in to automate the update process and can also instruct to remove any infections immediately upon discovery.

Backup - Backups are important for any business. Keeping your data in a safe place whilst maintaining its integrity and security can be tricky. Our software monitors key areas within multiple backup systems to ensure your data always stays safe.

Daily Maintenance - Everyday use on a pc may not seem to slow the machine down however if left untouched the pc can become slow and unresponsive. Our customised system allows us to prevent this by performing daily maintenance tasks in the background without affecting your users or PC performance.