VOIP & Telephony

Voice Over Internet Protocol is the latest in telephony services available to any user connected to the internet. The difference between VOIP and a standard telephone is the audio (your voice) is transmitted over the internet much like the data from your emails, internet browsing etc.

With the ever growing speeds and reliability of modern internet connectivity, VOIP has taken a huge lead and is now a centerpiece in any modern businesses IT lineup.

Here at FDS we use industry leading hardware and software combined with some of the top VOIP service providers an our fully trained, experienced engineers to provide your business with the exact system to suit its needs.

Cost Saving

Phone lines can often be costly especially when you have multiple users all requiring to be on calls at the same time. This can often lead to costly phone bills each month with line rental, channel and usage charges.

VOIP services can provide you with a far cheaper method and give you greater control over your calls when compared to standard phone lines on a cost per call basis.

Cost savings can also be seen with the hardware and software. The need for expensive desk phones for every employee is no longer required as usb headsets can be used in conjunction with Soft Phones on your computer systems.


VOIP provides unprecedented levels of flexibility within your business.

Imagine having the ability to call customers from your mobile whilst you are out of the office using just an internet connection without recurring any charges on your mobile phone bill.

Has your business moved location or are you moving offices? VOIP allows you to connect to your phone lines wherever your business is sited without the costly installation and contract periods involved with hard line installation and you can also keep one number for your entire business without having to worry about re-printing any marketing material.

Increase Productivity

Most key business software such as CRM systems allow you to integrate VOIP services directly into the applications.

This means that your employees can call using a desktop computer or "Soft Phone" versus a physical desk phone which eliminates the need to dial numbers or extensions increasing the amount of time spent on crucial business functions.

VOIP systems have many integration services built into them and this list continues to grow.