High production values at any size.




Producktions is a professional events company that operates in the Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire region of the UK. Regardless of the scale and budget of your event, we are eager to provide the highest quality event design and equipment for your show or function.

All of our engineers have a wealth of experience, from event design, rigging & mixing live gigs for 10,000+ people, to installation of the smartest corporate event set & AV for high end clients.

Our additional experience in the field of studio recording and film making means we can offer all sorts of additional packages rare for an events company to specialise in. All of our live shows can be recorded as multi-track audio ready for post production to CD, radio or film. We have produced many live Youtube performance videos for bands & gig promoters as well as many dedicated studio session videos.

Let us be involved in your event or media production: we are a passionate, experienced team who will guarantee the best quality output at a reasonable price.

Please call on 07821 757388 to chat about your event.