Audio recording of live events - Info sheet

Live event
Details and Costs
Good news. You are playing a gig that is equipped with a state of the art Allen & Heath GLD80 digital mixing console with 'Dante' recording card installed. This means that we can record your entire set for you to review, use as promotion, etc. The audio quality is fantastic and cleanly records a copy of what comes down our microphone and DI feeds.

For only 60 we will record your gig as multi-track audio, ready for you to take home on the night of the event if you can provide us with a suitable hard drive or USB key with an appropriate amount of space (around 32gb for most sets, dependant on the amount of tracks and set length!).  If you require the set to be posted out to you on DVD media at a later date, there is a cost of 15 which covers appropriate storage media and postage.

For an additional 25 per hour we can mix the set down, supplied as mp3s suitable for Facebook, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and of course, your own website. Further mixing and advanced editing of individual songs is available at whatever level of detail you require. Please contact us for an estimate quote based on the length of set you are planning on having mixed.

The audio multi-tracks provided are compatible with ALL audio sequencing packages - eg Logic, Cubase, Protools, Sonar, etc.

If you would like us to provide this service at an event we are not currently involved with, please get in contact. We can supply this desk at our usual hire rate, with an engineer suitable for the event in question.

For further information speak to the sound man at the event, email or call 07821757388