Splext and the Effects

Splext & The Effects (SFX) are a 5 piece experimental/electronic band from Hampshire.

Formed in 2012 by Electronic producer Splext.

Splext & The Effects are the creative collaboration of Rachel Rose, a talented and already well established singer/song writer, Ben Jordan on drums, Shane Green on guitar, Josh Sparkes on Bass and finally, Splext himself playing keys and vocals. Together they work to create a mixture of soft Pop with Electronica, Drum & Bass and Dub Step. Never compromising to drive their music and entertain as wide an audience as possible, the band are looking to home in on their material in early 2013.

Splext & The Effects is the live realisation of music written and produced by Marc Spicer a.k.a. Splext, a Dubstep/Dance/Drum & Bass producer from Fleet, Hampshire. The vision is to take electronic music onto the stage in a way that is rarely seen in the local music scene.

Splext - Vocals/ Synth Rachel Rose - Vocals Shane Green - Guitar Josh Sparkes - Bass Ben Jordan - Drums

Chloe Reynolds

Chloe Reynolds is a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist who is a familiar performer at festivals, traditional pubs, music cafes, theatres and more.

Her music draws on many different genres to create a sound and style unique to her. The mix of warm vocals and spine chilling lyrics will leave you feeling moved to the core. She is not afraid to write songs about real challenges faced by real people.

On Chloe's debut EP, Unresolved, the listener is taken on a journey through subtle musings on the future, powerful lyrics which challenge injustice, her wishes for her 'someday daughter' and songs of healing and moving on. This EP really tells the story of someone who has learned to see beauty in everything. In Chloe's own words,

“Fame and success are not about being liked, they are about caring for the uncared for, and living a life of love, laughter and happiness. My songs are the expression of my heart and soul. If I remain true to myself, by writing about the things on my heart, then hopefully I will touch the hearts of others..”

Join Chloe on her exciting journey to discover more of these precious things.

The Papers

The Papers are an urban funk band from Reading via Africa. Combining original instrumentation with intelligent lyricism, proud of their reputation as one of the most exciting live bands around, The Papers hold it down with one of the freshest sounds to come out of the underground for a minute.

The Light Assembly

The Light Assembly is a 4-piece indie band hailing from London and formed in 2012. The band is made up of Liam Tolan on vocals and guitar, Phil Cockerton on keys and guitar, David Crawford on bass and Nic Sleight on drums.

Currently in the midst of recording their debut album, they have a penchant for punchy indie hooks with a warm, driving groove. They draw influences from the great sea of great indie music that is coming from round this fair globe at the moment.

Phoenix from France, Last Dinosaurs and Atlas Genius from Australia, Real Estate and The Drums from the US....and The Light Assembly from the UK.

Band likes: Tea, Coffee, Lady folk, A bold expletive Moustaches, David Seaman, A cheeky pint Band dislikes: Decaf, Weak moustaches!!!